7 Ways for Teachers to use Prezi in the Classroom

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”               – Jimmy Johnson

Teachers have an opportunity to do this every day in their class: take something ordinary and make it extraordinary. With Prezi, a boring project overview is an exciting ride through topics, requirements and ideas.

Here are seven ways to add excitement to every classroom presentation with Prezi:

Bring a Lesson to Life

Any lesson is made more fun when it’s in the format of a Prezi presentation. Turn one lesson a week into a zooming display of information. Start in the zoomed-out view, where you can show all the elements of that day’s lesson and then add dynamic elements like YouTube videos to get students excited about what’s to come.

Present a Timeline

Timelines could use a facelift, especially when you’re using them to explain the dates of historic events that aren’t all that fascinating when plopped on a straight line. With Prezi you can move between dates and find current, real world content to bring context to something historical or fictional.

Display Student Data

Many tools now provide teachers with a variety of data points, on both a class and student level, that can be fun to share with students. Some tools, like Whooo’s Reading, allow you to pair student or classroom data with fun imagery (student Owlvatars) for an exciting presentation showing students how well they’re doing.

Introduce Yourself at Open House Night

Open house: you dread it and parents dread it. Next year, make your information session a bit more fun with a Prezi presentation. Don’t forget to add information about yourself, images of you in the classroom and perhaps videos showing parents what they can expect their students to be learning and doing throughout the school year.

Explore the Features of a New Classroom Tool

Classrooms everywhere are gaining access to new tools and software, like Chromebooks or iPads. Use Prezi to give students an overview of what they’ll be doing with the tools, rules about how to use them and any other resources they may need to be successful.

Share the Rubric for a Project

When you use Prezi as a rubric for projects, you can include your own rich content as examples of what you expect from your students. It’s also a fun way for students to check their work: they’ll love zooming between requirements as they check to see if they have completed them.

Present Writing Prompts

Use Prezi to display writing prompts for the week. Go through each prompt in class, and then allow students to find their prompt for the day by going through the presentation themselves. This is a simple way to can make something basic a lot more exciting for students.

Guest Blogger: Jessica Sanders is the Director of Social Outreach for Learn2Earn, an online fundraising platform that allows students raise money by reading books. She grew up reading books like The Giver and Holes, and is passionate about making reading as exciting for young kids today as it has always been for her. Follow Learn2Earn on Twitter and Facebook, and send content inquiries to social@learn2earn.org.