Prezi Ambassadors: Where are They Now?

Our Prezi Ambassadors from around the world have met heads of state, run their own workshops, and created grassroots marketing campaigns. It's an experience you'll never forget—the kind employers are clamoring for. We caught up with several of our past Ambassadors to see what they loved most about their experience, and how the skills they learned from our Program have helped them get where they are now. Naturally we're so impressed.

What is your current job? 

Judit Klein: I run my own company for software development and design work, including designing prezis, which there is increasing interest and demand for. Through this, I also work as a contractor for Prezi with the evangelism team and the sales team.

Harsh Banwait: I work as an Account Manager for Photon Infotech, a technology consulting firm and manage our client relationships with Fortune 500 customers.

Davide Trimarchi: I work as a Visual Designer on the amazing Prezi Design Team. My role is to create beautiful and clear prezis for profit and non-profit organizations which help us share and spread our product around the world.

Andrew Washuta: In my current role, I'm a graphic designer at UnitedHealth Group, a fortune 14 company. I design everything all the way from advertisements, billboards, branding projects, and infographics, to motion graphics and animation. We have a few commercials that have released on national television recently!

Ben Holm: I work in the learn & support team here at Prezi as a senior support specialist.

Tai Tran: Since my ambassador days, I have interned for two other tech companies: Samsung Electronics and Flextronics. At UC Berkeley, I am currently teaching a 40-student course on social media marketing and networking

How did your experience as a Prezi Ambassador help prepare you for your current job?

DT: Well, I'm a Prezi employee now! Being an Ambassador helped me in getting to know better both the product and the company I work for. Moreover, it helped me to improve my communication and planning skills.

JK: Having to regularly design and create new presentations as part of the ambassador program, pushed my design skills, both generally and specifically in using Prezi. I love working with clients to design their presentations as it really forces you to think differently about how you can communicate ideas in a different way.

I give a lot of conference presentations and I definitely feel that Prezi has made me a better and more confident presenter with more engaged audience.

HB: My current job requires me to walk up to a lot of new people on a day to day basis and introduce myself as well as my company. Being a Prezi ambassador and representing Prezi on my campus gave me the required confidence to be successful in my current role.

What was your favorite part of your experience as a Prezi Ambassador?

TT: My most favorite of the experience was the autonomy and trust that were given on day one. I was able to initiate my own year-long action plan to evangelize Prezi at UC Berkeley. This involved developing a robust social media and product marketing strategy from ground up. This ultimately resulted in the acquisition of over 2,000 new Prezi users at UC Berkeley by the end of my ambassadorship.

AW: My favorite part of the experience was working with a product I love, as well as connecting and interacting with innovative students like myself from around the world, that I still keep in touch with to this day.

HB: My favorite part from my experience as an ambassador was the amount of ownership I had on my marketing plan. I received a lot of training and support from the Prezi staff, but I was still allowed to be creative and execute my plan according to what I thought was the best for my campus.

Did being a Prezi Ambassador help you get hired in your current role? If so, how?

DT: As I focused a lot during my Ambassadorship in creating cool prezis, the marketing team at Prezi noticed me, liked my storytelling and graphic design capabilities, and proposed me to join Prezi, first as a summer intern, and then as a full-time employee.

HB: Absolutely. We do our corporate pitch using Prezi and hence its a very important tool for our Sales and Account Management team. I even showcased some of my work as an ambassador during my interviews and since I have the job now, I guess it worked!

AW: Yes, I would say that it influenced where and what positions I looked for during my job search. I knew I wanted to do some sort of design, and I was really impacted by presentation design specifically. I owe a lot to Prezi and the connections I've developed from this experience and used those to my advantage while looking for work.

What advice would you give to a new Prezi Ambassador?

JK: Step outside your comfort zone! It's a great opportunity to learn new skills - run a workshop, hand out pamphlets/swag at campus events, start social media pages! What works well at one campus, may not work as well at another campus so experiment and try different things.

AW: The best advice I can give to a new Ambassador is to come with a plan, and know how you're going to execute. It's really important to understand what your goal is to achieve at your school, i.e. Expand user base or teach students how to use the full power of Prezi. Additionally, make sure to get out there with some guerrilla marketing and really let students know of your presence.

TT: Come in with an open mind and be ready to learn A LOT. The program is flexible enough for you to explore areas that you want to learn and develop. This ranges from public speaking to social media and product marketing. Of course, always HAVE FUN in the process!

BH: Remember to network. You don't need to be alone. If you find the right people at your campus to talk to, it will help spreading the word about Prezi.

Parting Thoughts?

AW: Stay humble and hungry. Dreams come true, with hard work and the right connections. Let your Prezi Ambassadorship be that foundation.

JK: Paint a Prezi logo on your face - it will get people talking to you.

HB: Never be afraid to reach out to other ambassadors with any blockers you're facing on your campus. They may have gone through the same situation you're in right now and can provide some very valuable insight.

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