Our Canvas my Campus Winners are Here to Make a Change

Our 2014 Canvas my Campus winning team raised more than $1000.00 in two weeks with a campaign on Tilt for their entry to make flyers obsolete, and build a mobile app solution for millennials to easily find social events and organizations on their campus at Iowa State University, and beyond.

Team Lead, DeQuan Burnside said he felt, “utterly disconnected,” when he arrived at college. “With over 34,000 students at Iowa State and numerous opportunities to get involved, I felt a need to connect to certain organizations, [and] I realized that I must not be the only one who feels this way.”

So he and his friend Mac got together and created the pitch for their app: Move.

Check out the prezi to learn more: https://prezi.com/ctp5l48ucfz8/move-at-iowa-state-university/

Not to be outdone, our Staff Favorite winner from Nanyang Technological University pitched his dream of equipping every rural Indian girl with affordable and hygienic means of handling their menstrual needs, so they can attend school. Team Lead, Andrew Lin said, “It makes me incredibly happy to know that because of something so simple which we are trying to provide, girls can now receive education and their lives would forever be changed.”

Check out the prezi to learn more: https://prezi.com/fe97kcqebjyx/canvas-my-campus-nanyang-technological-university/

Both winners will be headed to San Francisco later this spring to present their prezi pitches at a meet up with friends of Prezi and Tilt, our contest partner. We can’t wait to see their progress as they continue to raise awareness about social issues--fun and cultural!