#LeadersWanted: Find Your Way as a Prezi Ambassador

From Peru to New York, passionate Ambassadors in 32 countries work every single day promoting Prezi on their campuses. What are they doing? Showing other students why using Prezi makes sense. It’s not enough, to just study hard, you need to know how to summarize and share your ideas, how to keep everything simple, eye-catching, and keep others’ attention while you are presenting.

Benjamin Holm was the first Prezi Ambassador of Finland. He likes presenting, is passionate about new challenges, is really into technology, and also a bit of design. He became a Prezi Ambassador a year ago—a title that afforded him with tons of opportunities. “I wasn’t exactly sure what it would lead to, but I was sure I could benefit from the experience in my future.”

Photo ©Andréa Högberg

Photo ©Andréa Högberg

He shortly realized: he needed to find his own individual way to be successful in “prezifying” his campus: “Students can be really lazy and won’t attend stuff outside their already busy schedule.” After he faced that fact, he knew what to do: “… I started networking with professors [and] teachers to implement Prezi and Prezi workshops in their daily life. But you can be more creative, it’s all really up to you in the end.”

At that time he was a student who had already learned to craft a marketing plan, and he learned how to create stories, and build up a network—all skills that would be helpful to him in the future. “The days are really flexible, and in the end it’s up to you what you make out of them. Arranging workshops and taking part in events is so great! My favorite task was probably networking. I didn’t meet only great students and university staff, but also public speakers and big companies in Finland through networking.”

Working on a bigger purpose, like helping others to share their stories visually is so meaningful, and the feedback always speaks for itself: “Feedback [is] great from every direction!” he says. “The students I did workshops for were amazed by the opportunities of Prezi as a presentation tool, the professors were happy to see something fresh, like Prezi being promoted on campus.”

Ben was so successful as an Ambassador that Prezi hired him as a full time employee in the Budapest office once his Ambassadorship was completed. You can check out some of Ben’s prezis here.

Prezi is currently accepting applications for the 2014-15 school year. Apply here: http://www.prezi.com/ambassadors.


About the Guest Author: My name is Nora Oravecz, I am hungarian based motivational blogger, public speaker, best selling author of 4 books. I am passionate about stories, which can change the way people are thinking about life. I love watching TED videos, Oprah's interviews, and interesting documentaries about extraordinary lives. Achieving things that are labeled impossible is my hobby - and helping others to achieve their dreams is the other one. In Hungary every year I make at least 2O of my followers' dreams come true and blog about it.